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24 is a guilty pleasure despite technical flaws and propaganda

One of my guilty pleasures is that I’m an avid watcher of the Fox TV show, "24". The plot typically emulates a James Fenimore Cooper novel, with a series of improbable multiple kidnappings and escapes, except that everything takes place over 24 hours. I read The Last of the Mohicans as a kid and hated it for exactly the same literary sins I accept in “24”. Then there is the gimmick of the show unfolding in real time with each one-hour episode covering one hour of story time. The first season tried to adhere to the gimmick – the show’s protagonist, agent Jack Bauer, actually seemed sleep-deprived and even developed a scraggly beard. However, subsequent seasons abandoned this: no one naps, shaves, showers, eats, or goes to the bathroom and yet they all appear fresh and wide-awake.

At this point, you are probably wondering, why do I watch? One reason is that watching it has become a family rite. My wife and daughters like it because of Kiefer Sutherland’s portrayal of Jack Bauer. Sutherland is excellent as the resourceful, duty bound Bauer who always manages to get the job done even as he wrestles with personal demons. One of those demons is what Bauer is called on to do his job. In a previous season, Bauer needed to establish his bona fides with the leaders of a drug cartel, so he killed a man who was about to enter the witness protection program while said man was in custody. Bauer then delivered my daughter Liana’s favorite line: “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.” Bauer took the head to the drug kingpins so they’d believe he was not a government agent. I actually go along with the wife and kids: Sutherland’s Bauer is one of the main reasons to watch the show.

Other characters contribute to watchability. In the first season, viewers were introduced to liberal Democrat Senator and Presidential candidate, David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert). Candidate (later President in seasons two and three) Palmer’s domestic policies put him on the Ted Kennedy-John Kerry end of the political spectrum. However, in season one, viewers learned that Palmer ran some sort of independent, covert military operation in the former Yugoslavia out of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “What the hell goes on here?” I remember yelling at the TV when this was revealed. During the commercial I went into an extended rant about separation of powers and why Palmer should be expelled from the Senate and thrown in prison (after a trial, of course). In subsequent seasons, President Palmer’s brand of muscular foreign policy melded with orthodox domestic liberalism seemed to represent wish fulfillment on the part of the producers: if only the Democrats would pick someone like this to run against Bush.

While the wife and kids like Jack Bauer, I think my personal favorite character was Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald), wife (later ex-wife) of David Palmer. Sherry Palmer made Lady MacBeth look like Doris Day. Alas, she was killed off at the end of season three.

Season one of “24” began before 9/11. In later seasons the show accommodated the post 9/11 world by making Jack Bauer even more ruthless and the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and other governmental agencies only nominally subject to constitutional restraint. Aside from the aforementioned execution (and beheading) by Bauer in season two, torture of suspects has become routine and, interestingly, always seems to work against the bad guys. This season (number four) has utilized torture as a plot device extensively. There was one clear instance as of this writing of someone who was falsely accused and tortured, so the show has addressed the obvious downside of torture but only in passing. However, “24”, never seems to consider the possibility that torture might be ineffective.

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